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Fireworksss. [02 Jul 2006|05:41pm]
[ mood | content ]

yay so me lauren bri thal kyle and bud bud went on the boat to watch the fireworks and it was cold and buggy but fun, then me and thal went back to her house and pretty much talked the whole time cuz where cool kids and thats what we do : ) yeah then finally slept, woke up and watched grounded for like for about 6 hours then i walked to scotts then later we went to jakes house and i watched them play poker? yeahhh then went back to scotts. and todayi went to mandys and i tryed to remeber some cheers. then i came back to my shithole of a housee.

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welll lets see. [29 Jun 2006|10:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

woww i havent wrote in here since vnam so i suppose ill start from a few days ago slept at amandas. lauren called us at about 10:20 and thought itd be a good idea to hangout since shed been up for an hour even tho me and amanda where still dead. n e ways she came over and we decided to prank thalia so we went to her house and i put lauren in a shoulder sit and we went to thals window and we knocked and she came to the window and we told her that wwe had been calling her for like 20 minutes and that julia scheduled a practice and shes like ommmggg. and she got ready and put opn her shoes and stufff so we took her to the school and where like thal where just kidding ah it was a riot and a half. yeah so then we all got hungry and wanted bagels so we scrapped up some change and got that. then yeah me and mandy pants went to nicks with mike scott and chris then went to t bell yeah and then just went to amanders and slept.

gymnastics. i love shittalkers on the team :) get over yourself your not doing anyone a favor by being here. yeah n e ways then i went back to thals and then bri came and got us and we went to memmorial park and found a fishy which we so polietley named edgar : ) hes so cute and we took pictures with em then thal had to go babysit so me and bri bri went to laurens and woke her up then kyle came home and he was a riot lemme tell you, yeah then we went back to bris and got liz and watched the hot chick that movie is a party .. then we went to 7-11 got lost in groosepointe then finally found the village. came home and slept. wokr up and i wnet home and now im hereee i suppose :)

fireworksss tomrrow with lauren kyle bri and thal !! im stokeeddd

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Christmas Partyy :) [10 Dec 2005|11:47pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Woahh i havent wrote in here in like 8 months seriouslyyy. well dude tonight was angela and laurens christmas partty. so i went over to shans to get ready with her lauren and anna. then we went to the party and at first it was pretty secluded like boys | Girls lol then after the drinks got there everyone loosened up and it was really fun! but hten i was dancing and i spilt my drink :( ya n e ways then i guess someone talked shyt to angelas dad and blah blah idkk but we got kicked out at 10:30 .. it was sadd. :( and im feel bad for angela and i hope he rest of her nights okay. it was kinda funny though cuz freshman weere like scared and started cryingg. haa and thre like english I go home. haha yeah then shans mom came and got us and my sister picked me up there and took me home now im eating pizza and watching t.v :)

goodnite ly.

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[06 Nov 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

woahh so i havent updated this in like forever so lately..

Ive been pretty much grounded because i failed three classes. nicee. n e ways i was with scott for like 4 weeks then blah. uhm lauren and nick were together, erik and sare broke up :( brittani got fired and julias our new coach :-) and tryuts are tommorrow.

two days ago..bowling fundraiser paul and gang picked us up.drove around and went to mcdonalds thnen me and lauren came back to my housee.

yesterday..courtney and lauren slept over and me and laur went rock climibing then shopping then picked up court. then came home and paul hammer chris megan and jordan came over and we watched saw two and then jordan megan and chris left and we went to the park and took some pictures then laterr they left. then we woke up the next morning and blah then i went to laurens and then went to practice.

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